Commands of God

Throughout the bible God has many different commands for different people.  As we are reading and listening to God, we should pay attention to the commands that are present in the bible.  Whether it be a command that’s one of the 10 commandments, or even a command that talks about being a husband, or whatever the command may be we should pay attention to it.


The commands should be payed attention to because those commands really do mean a lot and they should be followed.  Why should they be followed? You may be asking.


To answer that there are many different stories in the bible that show what happened to people if they didn’t obey the commands of God.  In the bible, most people that disobeyed God died either on the spot or shortly there after. 


People dieing quickly is not what happens today because if that were the case people would be dieing randomly as we drive to work every day.  What does happen though is God ends up essentially leaving us and letting different things happen to us so that we can learn from our experiences and come back to him. 


We don’t always listen to his warnings and we continue to do what we want to do, and we end up in a place that we never meant to end up in because we have ignored God’s commands and have did not come back to him.


What I’m trying to say is that every one of Gods commands are important and should be obeyed even if it seems trivial and like it wont affect you in the end.  It will affect you in ways that you would not expect it to.


Promises of God

God makes a lot of different promises to all of us during out lives.  Those promises are made for a reason.  For each person that reason is different and we all know what that reason is for each of us.


The promises that God makes have many different reasons, but in the end the reason all comes back to bringing him glory, but that’s not what this post is about.  It is about listening and believing those promises that God makes to us.


When God makes a promise we should listen to him, and believe him. We should listen and believe him because when God speaks he does not speak to just hear himself listen, but he speaks so that we can hear him speak and hear everything that he has to say to us.

Those promises that God makes to us are not just full of false hope, unless we do not follow him and seek him with out hearts.  God makes promises because he loves us and wants us to know that he is there with us no matter what the situation. 


Some of God promises may seen to us like they are next to impossible to do because to us as humans it is impossible.  An example of this is a lot of the different wars that happened in the bible.  Most of the time the people of God were outnumbered by at-least double what they had.   In reality this situation the people with more would win, but that is not what happened.


When the people of God sought him and believed all of the promises that had been given to them, God showed himself and helped them to do the impossible and win the fight.


We need to do that same thing as them.  When God gives us a promise we need to listen to that promise and constantly be seeking God because he is there and he is wanting to help us with the impossible, and even the small things that we think we can do ourselves. 


God entrusts us to seek him in the small things and then he gives us bigger things because he knows that we can handle it and will seek him even in the things that we think we can handle ourselves, because he has seen that he can trust us with the small things that he has given us.


So what we need to do is listen to the promises God gives us and we need to believe them. Along with listening and believing we need to seek God in everything, no matter the size and difficulty.


God is amazing and loves all of us and wants us to follow him.

God is not a selfish God

While having my devotional today, my thought was completely changed about God.


My thought was changed because I had always heard of God as a selfish God only thinking about his glory being spread throughout the world.  This is not totally true.


Yes God does care about his glory being spread throughout the earth, but he also cares about us and the fun that we have.  God delights when he looks at us and sees us having fun.


The type of fun that he delights seeing is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.


All of these things point toward good right fun, not some fun that will hurt someone or cause someone to do something that is not right and should not be done.


If we would just spend time with God daily and rest in his presence, we would be able to have the type of fun that God wants us to have not just some stupid fun that God looks at and is not delighted in.


God is so wonderful and he cares about all of us in a way that we could never imagine because he does delight when he sees us having fun and when he gets to spend time with us.  He is not all selfish like we often think.

Fragility from God

I know some people who have had something going on all of their life that has affected them physically and stopped them from doing a lot of things that they would like to do.  These people I know would really like for God to reach down and heal them, but God hasn’t for a reason.


Today as I was reading my devotional it gave me a whole new outlook on situations like the one described above where you know God can do something but hes not and hasn’t for your whole life.


Today what I learned is that God made some people to be really strong and energetic, but others he made them to be fragile and weak.


This may sound like a really horrible thing for someone to do, but it really isn’t.


This is not a horrible thing to do because in our weakness God is made strong.  Also in our weakness we are able to grow closer to Christ. 


He wants us to come to him and rest in his arms in our weakness.  God uses those that he has made to be weak to teach those of us that are strong to come to him in our times of weakness because that is when his power is made strong. 


Another thing about those that God has made weak is that they are given an opportunity to blossom in God presence.  That is such an amazing thing because yes we can all blossom in God presence, but those that he has made weak are given that extra opportunity.


I am sure there are many other reasons that God has made people to be weak, but this is what I know for sure.  God made those to be weak for a really good reason and being weak is not a bad thing to be because it can be used as a teaching tool to the strong.

Righteousness as a gift

God came to this world and died for our sins.  When he did this he did not die for no reason.  His reason was to cleanse us and give us a gift that we could never imagine having.


This gift that Jesus died to give us is righteousness.  When Jesus died he gave all of us that accept him robes of righteousness.  These robes are a really high position that God himself has given us, but we as humans don’t see it as something we deserve.


In seeing it as something we dont deserve, we try and get rid of them in someway because we dont want to have something we dont deserve.


Something we do not see as humans is that we do deserve these robes.  We deserve these robes because God gave them to us as gift and we are made to be the righteousness of God.  The robes are not for us, but to show of God righteousness.


When we sin and try and throw off the robes, God looks at us and wants us to understand that the robes are not what needs to come off, but the sinful nature and old ways is what we need to cast off.


When we realize that our old self and sinful nature is what we need to cast off, we will realize that this gift that has been given to us is a huge honor and we should accept it as that and hold ourselves to the standard of that position.

Mastery and Understanding and Peace

Look around at your life, what are you and others that you know constantly doing?


The answer to that question is always trying to understand or master a problem that you have in your life.


As we go through our lives more and more things come at us pushing for our attention to try and understand it and master it so we can move on to the next problem that gets thrown at us.


Instead of going through life mastering problems, there is something we should really be looking at instead.


What we should be looking at is the peace of God.  The peace of God is not something that we have to master or understand.  We dont have to understand it because he told us to “trust in him, not in our own understanding” Proverbs 3:5


What that is saying is we need to look to God for peace in our lives, instead of jumping from problem to problem trying to master and understand everything just to get a break.


God peace is always with us.  His peace comes with his presence.  We do not have to travel around in a really complicated maze of traps to try and get to his peace.  We already have it.


God is with us at all times and that means is peace is with us at all times.  We just need to put down everything that we are doing that is complicating our lives and look at him and listen to him and relax in his peace that he gives us.


God is wonderful and he wants us to be peaceful and relaxed in him.  dont be like Solomon and end up running from God peace because you cant seem to find it or understand it.  You already have it and it does not require any understanding at all.  It is there to be enjoyed by all.

Listen for the message in every little thing

God speaks to us in many different ways.  How he speaks to you may be the same or different from the next person that you meet. 


Besides being different though, there are many similarities in how God decides to speak to us.  The biggest way that he speaks to all of similarly is the fact that he speaks to us in all of the small things every day.


As we go through our day, we need to not just drudge through it and just “make it through the day”, but we need to look and listen for the messages that God has for us in the small things in our life.


An example of the small things that God can use to speak to us is through nature while we are sitting there looking at nature relaxing during out lunch break.  God has a message of some kind for us even if it is just his love for us.  His love for us is a message because he wants us to remember and be reminded every day that he loves us and he will do everything he can to take care of us.


Another thing that God can speak to us through is music.  We can be sitting there listening to music and God can have a small message for us in that. 


So instead of just fighting through the day, look and listen for those small things that God has for us because without his small messages our days will be long, boring, and not really worth going through.


As we listen and look for those small things, God will not just give us the small messages that he has for us, but he will start to give us more and more as we grow.  He does this because he has a plan for us and that plan includes us growing to become like him and those messages that he gives us take us on the path that he has made for us.